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About Our Program

Who We Are

We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that rescues shelter dogs and places them with disabled military veterans to then become psychiatric service or assistance dogs.

CWAC provides training classes for veterans, enabling them to develop skills needed to train their own dogs and become an experienced handler. The dog can provide the veteran with many benefits: simple companionship, motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and unconditional and non-judgmental love.

Classes are currently being offered in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho.

Our Mission

The mission of Canines with a Cause is to unite veterans and rescued dogs to heal emotional and psychological wounds. By adhering closely to our mission, CWAC works to move veterans from a state of PTS toward Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). In committing to positive "growth," we become one of many steps on the veterans' path toward healing. More importantly, we're able to develop creative-individualized training solutions that meet the mental, emotional and economic-stability challenges veterans face today.

Our Philosophy

By having veterans train their dog, it helps get them out of their homes and involved again in civilian life; it helps them develop their emotional coping skills and resiliency, and the positive training techniques our instructors use teach them to guide their dog and solve problems using methods that are enjoyable for the dog and healthy for the veteran. The dog and the handler create a strong bond through working together, and the dog is trained for specific tasks to help the veteran lead a more productive, less stressful life.

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