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Add Your Review to Great Non Profits

Did You Know?

There is a website where you can check charitable, non-profit organizations to make sure they are a registered 501 (c)(3) entity and read reviews posted by donors, volunteers and community members.

We receive quite a few compliments on our programs and how we are improving the lives of Military Veterans, abandoned shelter dogs and female prison inmates. Our staff and volunteers work hard to make these programs successful and appreciate the pat on the back but other people need to hear this too!

We are asking you to take just 3 minutes of your time and write a review about your experience with Canines With a Cause. Give others the reassurance their donations are faithfully working for the benefit of veterans and rescued dogs, let them know if you or a loved one experienced results from participating our programs or have adopted a dog through Canines With a Cause.

The more reviews, the higher our score and the better opportunities we have to grow our program, saving more dogs, assisting more Veterans sooner and expanding our prison training program.

We really do Save Three Lives!

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Canines With a Cause Salt Lake City, Utah is a registered 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization Rescuing homeless and abandoned shelter dogs, training military Veterans with PTSD or other psychiatric disabilities to train their own service and assistance dogs and providing female prison inmates an opportunity to apply basic dog training skills to the dogs recently rescued. Saving Three Lives!

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