Benefits of Having a Dog

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Pets Can Benefit Your Health and Happiness!

The Many Ways Pets Can Enhance Your Wellbeing

This fun infographic from points out a wide variety of ways you and your entire family can benefit from having a dog. In fact, there are so many ways canine companions can improve your life you may need two! 

Dogs offer so much more than leaving hair on your black dress pants and taking up valuable couch space. And aside from the fact that adopting from your local shelter or rescue is saving a life, you just might be saving your own. 

Since Canines With a Cause mission is to provide rescued shelter dogs and training to military veterans with PTSD and other psychiatric disabilities this subject is of great importance.

Studies have shown repeatedly that simply having a companion dog can change the lives of children and adults suffering with social or emotional issues. 

Studies show over and over that canine companions can be calming and lower blood pressure, reduce pet allergies in children, recover faster from illness and have fewer sick days off school and work. 

With parental guidance, youngsters can learn the responsibility and rewards of caring for another living being. Programs that encourage children to read aloud to dogs can help overcome shyness, difficulty reading and improve self esteem. Sometimes kids just need a trusted friend to share their thoughts or feelings with.

Children can be part of the family dog's training too! Learning the positive reinforcement training methods (used exclusively by Canines With a Cause to train service dogs) can be a multi-faceted skill carried into adulthood.

Dogs attract attention, there's no doubt about that! Walking and socializing your dog is a great way to break the ice! What a great way to meet a new friend or love interest! You and your dog could regularly visit with an elderly neighbor and alleviate loneliness or depression.

Looking for an exercise buddy? Canines can make great running, hiking or walking pals or at home work out buddies. They'll never criticize your form or discourage play time! Dogs can be a great way to get outside and burn off some energy while staying fit. Almost any dog can be trained to perform some fun tricks and games with the family children. Why not try jump rope, agility games, soccer, whatever is fun for you is probably fun for your dog as long as they're interacting with you. The internet is filled with great ideas for fun canine games and toys.

Some dogs just want to be friendly and social without the sweat and action. Classes can help you teach your dog to become a therapy dog so you and your buddy can gently visit sick children, seniors or patients in hospice care. Dogs are even used to calm travelers at some airports! 

We all know that seeing eye dogs can help those with visual impairment gain independence, even the family dog can be trained to help a person with hearing impairment know when the phone or doorbell rings or an alarm is activated. More than just an annoyance that barks at anything that moves, dogs can alert for unwanted visitors and potential burglars often go elsewhere.

So check out all the benefits of having a dog then consider adopting a shelter or rescue dog. Shelter staff can help you choose just the buddy for your lifestyle, activity level, and family. 

Canines With a Cause Salt Lake City, Utah is a registered 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization Rescuing homeless and abandoned shelter dogs, training military Veterans with PTSD or other psychiatric disabilities to train their own service and assistance dogs and providing female prison inmates an opportunity to apply basic dog training skills to the dogs recently rescued. Saving Three Lives!

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