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Congratulations Millie and Champ, Canine Good Citizens!

Millie and Champ Canine Good Citizens

Canines With a Cause is proud to announce Millie, her handler Trish and Champ with his handler Phil, have passed the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test!

Both Millie and Champ are now officially Service Dogs In Training with Canines With a Cause. Their Handlers Trish and Phil respectively, have been attending training sessions and practicing diligently to reach their goals, congratulations to you both-you’ve earned it! The next step on the path to having a Service Dog is attending our advanced training classes.

Trish Maakestad and Millie Earn Canine Good Citizen Apr 2016 Phil Bugher and Champ earn Canine Good Citizen Apr 2016




This is the result of using positive reinforcement obedience training methods. The bond of trust between Service Dog and Handler is crucial. 




In Utah, a Service Dog In Training has the same public access rights, and responsibilities, as a full fledged Service dog. Not every state recognizes a Service Dog in Training as having any more rights than a pet dog. If you are training a Service Dog, check your local laws before assuming it has public access rights.

When a veteran is in current training with Canines With a Cause and passes the Canine Good Citizen test, we provide a dog vest with our logo and ¬†Service Dog In Training patch plus an ID card which certifies the handler and dog are currently enrolled and active in our training programs. Neither a dog in training or a fully trained Service Dog are required by law to wear any marker designating them as such, however many handlers find this convenient and reminds the public this is a working dog, please don’t approach or pet.

People can be confused on what constitutes a Service Dog and what rights they or businesses actually have. Canines With a Cause has put together a presentation which clarifies the law, and the rights and responsibilities of both handlers and the general public.

To read more about the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test Click Here

Canines With a Cause Salt Lake City, Utah is a registered 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization Rescuing homeless and abandoned shelter dogs, training military Veterans with PTSD or other psychiatric disabilities to train their own service and assistance dogs and providing female prison inmates an opportunity to apply basic dog training skills to the dogs recently rescued. Saving Three Lives!

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