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Keep Pets Safe and Calm on Halloween

By October 10, 2016October 14th, 2016No Comments

Happy Halloween

Who doesn’t want to have a scary Halloween?
Your Pets!

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe and less anxious on the weirdest day of the year. Think about it, those 2 legged creatures with opposable thumbs who can open the treat jar and drive to the dog park suddenly look different. For one terrifying night, we hide our faces behind masks, make up, bizarre hats and big hairy wigs so we can impress friends and  frighten the neighbors. We think our costumes look great but pets can be very anxious and afraid on Halloween. To our pets, once recognizable faces and eyes are now covered, plus costumes often need accessories to flail around like magic wands, bazookas, ninja swords or superhero capes.

Our friends at have some tips to keep things from going all to Hades October 31. Click Here to Read


Now that we’re all dressed and ready to go trick-or-treating, what do you with your Pirate Pittie and Miss Kitty? It’s probably not the best idea to let them free roam the house on All Hallows Eve, with gaggles of witches and ghouls stalking the streets, pounding on doors shouting and demanding candy even the best natured dog can be left to wonder What The Skeleton is going on?


You might be tempted to take Caspar the Friendly Corgi trick or treating but experts don’t recommend it. Even dogs normally good with kids can get scared and nip or jump on the little tricksters, whose costumes can make them more susceptible to injury. No one wants to invite Lawsuit Larry to this party! It’s probably best to attend or host a Halloween themed dog party and call it hilarious.  (See below for some favorites or Google Halloween dog-you could spend hours)

First, remember to make sure their collar and ID tag is on. If you have a secure yard or outdoor kennel that dogs can’t see the goblins approaching and the scallywags can’t taunt them that can be a good place to hang for the evening. Don’t want them to wake the dead barking all evening? Try the basement after all they aren’t being sent to Purgatory it will be over in a few hours. No basement? Are they crate trained? Try a back bedroom, laundry room or at least keep them on a harness and leash. Fill a couple of Kongs with peanut butter to keep them busy, turn on a TV or soothing music and keep their attention focused on……..their TREATS not the tricksters!


Kids get excited on Halloween, make sure they remember to close doors and gates, and don’t over stimulate the dogs with their own excitement. You don’t want Eric the Great Dane escaping and ending up in an orange jumpsuit or worse. Cats should never be outside on Halloween and can be subject to real torture.

Make no bones about it, your Holy Terrier will steal candy and treats so after you reap your bounty, put them away where your pups can’t get them. Put costumes and accessories right away too, leaving plastic bits around for Count Dogula to chew up and swallow could lead to an emergency vet visit and seriously harm your pet and your wallet.

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble. Potions and Brews oh my!

There are many supplements on the market specifically sold to calm dogs during times of stress and anxiety, many are herbal based or use homeopathic remedies. After consulting with your pets veterinarian, these products, used properly in conjunction with a containment management plan, can be a safe and effective way to help ease some of their worry.  I, the author have used such potions with some success but find working with my hooligans year ’round to have confident trusting dogs is the best favor you can do for them. When I have busy holidays or events that cause my dogs stress or risk their safety, I take them to my favorite day care/boarding facility. That way I can indulge in all the mischief and skullduggery but not have to worry about my beloved little devils. offer some more great tips and reminders Click Here

Hilarious Dog Costumes  (or an A+ for creativity)


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   chia-pet-halloween-dog-costume                  funniest-halloween-dog-12               halloween-dogs-6

              dogs-in-halloween-costumes-02            ss-091027-halloween-dogs-14-ss_full              dog-as-skunk-halloween-costume

 halloween_costumes_for_dogs_14                          funny-halloween-dogs-pictures-9                     oct2010-120

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Thanks and credit to those who shared their dogs in costumes!

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