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Marshall has earned Service Dog In Training

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Marshall has beaten the shelter dog odds! But we can’t do this work without the generous financial support of you, the general public. Canines With a Cause receives no funding from the VA or insurance. Programs like ours give our military veterans a chance to recover from the psychological traumas and be productive, self sufficient members of our communities once again.

Love Utah Give Utah!

Marshall is a Black Labrador/Basset Mix (we think) with a sweet personality and eager to learn and please. We found him in at the North Valley Animal Shelter in Lindon, Utah and decided to give him a try in our program. Marshall has not disappointed, today he graduated from the Canines With a Cause prison training program as a ‘service dog in training’ (and in Utah has the same full rights as a service dog). Thanks to the female inmates training efforts in basic obedience and our training staff who work at the prison weekly, Marshall is advancing to the next level of training and will soon be paired with a veteran in our program. We are certain he will make a fine service dog for a veteran with PTSD or TBI.


Marshall and Horseshoes

When you’re a service dog in training you need to learn about new things such as the bizarre game that humans play…horse shoes! Here, one of our trainers Paige, is helping Marshall enjoy watching the game. Even Service Dogs need some play time and Marshall knows when he’s off duty and can just be a plain ol’ dog.


Marshall Service Dog In Training Canines With a Cause

Here is Marshall with Dr. Lynne Gilbert-Norton PhD,  Animal Behaviorist & Trainer for Canines With a Cause. Of her many responsibilities, Dr. Lynne is in charge of evaluating and rescuing dogs from our shelters who are good candidates to become Service Dogs then partner with the veterans in our training programs. Lynne takes great care when pairing dogs and veterans so the relationship and bond is strong, also considering size, activity level and grooming needs.

Marshall Service Dog In Training Canines With a Cause


Marshall is a good little Buckaroo! Enjoying some sunshine and outdoors!


Marshall Service Dog In Training Canines With a Cause

Becoming a Service Dog means you must learn to ignore most of the things that, by nature, dogs are curious about. Here. the artsy side of Marshall seems to be quietly appreciating ‘Shadow and Deer on Red Stone’ in the sun’s glow. Service Dogs must be impeccably well behaved in public so whether they are attending an Art showing, a concert or encounter a group of children at an outdoor shopping plaza, they must remain attentive to their handler’s needs and not become excited or overly interested in their surroundings.


Marshall 6


Marshall looks great in his Service Dog In Training Vest. He looks so good he is our brochure model dog! Service dogs are required by any law to wear a vest but many handlers find it beneficial. It can be a way to let the public know this is a working dog and please not to approach it for affection or play.


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