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The Canines With A Cause program in the Reno/Sierras area was created after seeing the need for veterans and the abundance of shelter dogs in the area. Our goals for this program are to save three lives, that of the shelter dog, that of the incarcerated veteran and that of the veteran in need of a service dog.

About us:

Shelter Rescue:

Prison Program:


Canines With A Cause-Reno works with the staff at Pet Network Humane Society in Incline Village to find what we call, “Diamonds in the Rough” or the dogs that display a very special personality and behavior traits. Once we find these dogs, we carefully observe and assess them to confirm that they will fit the requirements of our program. Once selected, the dogs are ready to meet their new handlers.

After we select dogs from the shelter, they are paired with inmates at the Warm Springs Correctional Center in Carson City, NV. The Reno program is unique in that all of the inmates selected to be trainers are also veterans. The incarcerated veterans not only learn how to train a dog, they also learn new skills in dog handling, effective communication, peaceful problem-solving skills, conflict resolution and teamwork.

Speed dating:

After graduating from the prison program, dogs are transported to our weekly, hour- long classes where they can meet and work with potential veteran adopters. We affectionately call this, “Speed Dating.” Veterans typically meet with several dogs until they can find their perfect match. The veteran and dog will continue to work with until they feel confident that they’re ready to take the dog home to foster. The veterans will continue to attend classes with their foster dog until we’re certain it’s the right fit and they’re ready to officially adopt.

Adoption and training:

All our training is positive reinforcement and science-based. Our goal is to create a healing bond through the training process. This program is flexible to fit our client’s needs however, we also have specific commitment expectations from our clients to ensure safety and success. Services are free for our clients; however, they are expected to financially care for their dog. Service dog training can take several years to complete (clients must have 300-400 hours of training) and the curriculum uses smaller milestones to reach our ultimate goal.

We appreciate the support of our community in making our program possible. If you would like to donate an item from out wishlist, click on the image above. Amazon wishlist makes it easy to donate items that are essential for our program!


Seamus Cashin, Program Manager

After college Seamus moved to California to pursue a career training assistance dogs and earned his Assistance Dog Instructor credentials. While training assistance dogs Seamus not only got to develop his skills as a trained but he also got to witness how the human-canine bond saves lives. As his career progressed, Seamus started to seek out other opportunities to increase his knowledge in training and canine behavior. He started working with a local rescue group which gave him the opportunity to work with different breeds, temperaments and behaviors. He also volunteered with a police K9 unit where he participated in apprehension training as a decoy as well as search and rescue and drug detection training.

Michelle Marroquin, Development Director

Michelle Marroquin, Development Director

Michelle Marroquin became part of the Canines with a Cause-Reno team in June 2019. She is a proud graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno. Michelle earned her degree in Human Development and Family Studies and has also taken several Criminal Justice courses at Truckee Meadows Community College. Michelle sees every challenge as an opportunity and truly values working with people and animals. She is so excited to be a part of the CWAC team and to help it grow and thrive. Michelle cares for her two rescue dogs, Fozzie and Annie.

George and Chi Chi

“My name is George L Feriend Jr. I’m medically retired from the US Air Force Security Police with a service-connected disability. I heard about Canines With A Cause through another nonprofit with veterans programs (High Fives). I was intrigued about getting involved with CWAC. My physical status has become more and more challenging through the years. For example, I need help with right arm spasms that have developed over time.

A small dog named Chi-Chi became my partner. We work together toward our goal, for Chi-Chi to become a Certified Service Dog. I am excited we are going through this training together. It means much more to me to train with her, rather than getting a ready-to-go dog trained by someone else. Chi-Chi and I are creating an unbreakable bond on this path as she becomes a Certified Service Dog.Chi-Chi is a brilliant little dog with so much compassion and unconditional love. Just her companionship is priceless for me.

Chronic Pain is a reality I live with every moment of every day. Training is a welcome distraction from the pain. With Chi-Chi in my life, I’m excited and looking forward to my future. I am so grateful for nonprofit programs like CWAC that give hope to unwanted dogs and challenged veterans. The CWAC program is free of charge for veterans.”

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