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Phase One of CWAC’s New Prison Program To Begin

Summer is surely moving along and July is already here! Trainers of Canines With a Cause are staying busy with new beginner classes and one-on-one training. Across the pond in Reno, trainer Seamus is getting ready to launch our new prison program! Northern Nevada Correctional Center (or NNCC) out of Carson City will be soon become home to rescue dogs who show an aptitude for service work. Inmates who apply to become handlers are doing this soley on a volunteer basis with no incentive other than to help the dogs and veterans.

The goal is to have the dogs in prison learning basic obedient skills for 8 weeks or more. The more pre-training the dogs have before being paired with a veteran the smoother the process is from the get go. We're certainly excited to soon have two prison programs operating! And we're grateful to the wardens, inmates and our trainers who make this program work.

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