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Veteran Success Story: Hard Work Pays Off!

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James Cottrell and JD

“I can’t imagine life without him.” – James Cottrell

Veteran, James Cottrell is a great example of a Vet who came to Canines With a Cause (CWAC), needing training for a dog he already had. Many times we get calls from Vets asking if we can help train a dog they already have and love, to be their service dog. This is something that we can do, if their dog passes our assessment test. James’ dog, JD did just that and they began training with CWAC in our Pawsitive Partnerships program 10 months ago.

One day while James was working at his collision repair shop, a truck pulled in with a big, beautiful pit bull inside. The owners told James that they were on their way to take the dog to a shelter, because they could no longer keep him. James felt a connection with the dog and decided to rescue him. James had recently heard about CWAC and decided to give our program a try. He and JD began attending or weekly training classes.

“I’m a 100% disabled Vet diagnosed with PTSD. Having JD helps me get out and go into public places, exercise, and gives me peace of mind,” James told us. James and JD’s favorite activity is going trail running and hiking, which they do almost daily. James also told us that the training has not only helped JD become a great service dog, but that it’s also helped him in many ways. “It’s hard to put into words, but the training classes have helped me a lot too. I’m a lot more patient now,” James said.

James and JD just passed the BA test for the Canine Life and Social Skills program, which CWAC uses to train dogs. Passing the BA is a big deal, because this means that the dog and handler have mastered the basic fundamentals of manners. This is very important if you want to take your dog in public places and trust that they’ll behave. This pair will now move on to the masters program, which they’re very excited about.

CWAC is very proud of the hard work James and JD have put in with their training. These two are a wonderful example of what a Veteran and their dog can accomplish with our program.

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