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Veteran Suicide Awareness Campaign November 11, 2015 Veteran’s Day

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1 in 4 veterans returning from combat suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression or anxiety. Veterans return home with feelings of abandonment, while having a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. The adjustment can include depression, substance abuse and in the worst cases, violence and suicide. Over 2,000,000 healthy, adoptable dogs die in US shelters annually. One of the main challenges animal welfare groups and shelters have is finding ways to re-home adoptable animals.
The US has roughly 2.4 million people in prisons. Many of these incarcerated individuals seek fulfillment by having the opportunity to give back. The Canines With a Cause program addresses each of these issues; rescued dogs provide love, comfort, and help transform lives, while assisting veterans with the invisible scars of war. Dogs live and train with inmates in local prisons.
According to the Veterans Administration, over twenty-two veterans are committing suicide daily in the United States, this number is much higher than the death rate of those killed in active duty.
The demand for service and companion dogs from combat veterans is over-whelming, dogs are NOT provided by the VA (only for vision and hearing impairment).
Dogs provide comfort, protection, non-judgemental and unconditional love, helping veterans transition back to their families and lives.
Please help Canines With a Cause raise awareness and bring an end to veteran suicide. Our goal is to raise $48,400 by Veterans Day, to accomplish this goal we will need 2,200 people to donate $22 to our cause Click Here to Donate (or how ever much you can donate). That is one dollar for every veteran in danger daily!
These funds will help us continue to rescue and train dogs for veterans in need, please help us accomplish this goal and spread the word. Thank you!!

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