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Ways To Give

Did you know tax deductible donations can be made in cash, stocks, bonds or securities? See below for details

To learn more about Canines With a Cause Foundation 501c3 Registered Non Profit GOLD rating and data click the link below

Donations in kind are donations of stock directly to Canines With a Cause. These donations are often made to reduce or eliminate the amount of tax that needs to be paid on appreciated assets. The donor that makes the donation will get receipts from their financial Institution indicating that the donation has been made. Canines With a Cause will send an Official Tax Statement directly to the donor once the donation has been received by CWAC’s financial institution. There may be significant tax advantages for doing this.

A donor may be able to avoid federal estate and income tax on the investments increase in value while still taking any charitable donation deduction. For example, he or she paid $10 per share for 100 shares of stock which increases to $100 a share. Donation of this stock to the CWAC is recorded as $10,000 donation. The tax effect is that the donor (a) avoids taxation on the $9,000 gain while still (b) likely qualifying for a charitable donation deduction for the full $10,000.

Instructions for donations given to donor’s financial institution:

DTC Securities
DTC #0226
FBO: Canines With a Cause Foundation
Account#: 636-578712
Firm name: NFS or Fidelity

Advisor Contact: Kathleen Barlow, CDFA
Phone: (435) 714-8381
Address: 104 Summit Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901

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